The Ass Hat and Wonder Woman

In moments when I should be afraid, I’ve always found focus. Possible danger? Focus. Medical emergency? Focus. Car accident? Focus. Believing I can achieve my goals? Sheer terror. I don’t know why my brain becomes a mess of figurative white noise and static when I’m forced to deal with the abstract notions of my life.... Continue Reading →


It was not a Panic in the Disco

I was doing yoga in my hotel room. Correction: I was attempting to do yoga in my hotel room. I was getting over a sinus infection, tired from traveling for work, and in a general life funk. So, I figured a little time on the mat may brighten things up in my day. After all,... Continue Reading →

On Not Being Creative

I think a lot of writers are inherently self-deprecating people. I've followed enough writers on social media to see the tweets and posts on how they are not writing enough because they are too busy, too tired, or too lazy. I used to be one of those of writers who sat back and berated myself for... Continue Reading →

The Importance of the Middle

My story begins in the middle. Well, at first glance, it may seem like the beginning of every cliché movie about a twenty-something woman who finds herself dumped, unemployed, out of money, and entering into “hot mess” territory. Then she meets an attractive guy who teachers her about life and moving on. Then they kiss... Continue Reading →

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